by Sean Graney
directed by Ed Sylvanus Iskandar
lights Carl Wiemann, costumes Loren Shaw, Sounds Patrick Meztger,
music director David Dabbon, fights Michael Wieser, dramaturg Greg Van Horn
These Seven Sicknesses
Flea Theater, NYC
By Andy Propst • Jan 30, 2012 • New York. TheaterMania
extends during the show -- intimately staged in a hospital-like hallway (scenic design by Julia Noulin-Merat) wit audiences sitting in two rows on either side. At times, the performers address the audiences directly and  conversationally, almost to the point of being one-on-one. At other times, the actors simply perch on the low dividing walls that help protect theatergoers from the blood and 

New York Theater
These Seven Sicknesses Review: Sophocles As A Party
January 29, 2012  Jonathan Mandell
...a marathon evening that shouldn’t work, but does, wonderfully...

These Seven Reasons... To Go See These Seven Sicknesses
Bess Rowen. Posted: 01/30/2012
...Every time I enter the stage at The Flea's White Street space, I am always surprised. They manage to transform and utilize the same room in a radically different way, always keeping in mind the needs of the particular show. Designer Julia Noulin-Merat's current offering is a traverse stage adorned with hospital paraphernalia and staff. The crisp, white nurses uniforms are in stark contrast to the well-worn in names and bodies of the familiar characters 
on stage. Loren Shaw's costumes provide both a thru line between the stories as well as particular moments that stand out as particularly unusual... The Flea Theater's These Seven Sicknesses is a night at the theater that leaves the viewer with a rich tapestry of experiences, on both sides of the theatrical frame. I will say that, though there are very funny moments, please be aware that you will 
be watching bloody and violent tragedies. But if you are interested in Sophocles, long plays, and/or ambitious theatrical projects, then you should go see this production.

NY Review: 'These Seven Sicknesses'at the Flea Theater
Reviewed by David A. Rosenberg . January 29, 2012. 
...The hospital setting is appropriate for bloodbaths, with the chorus dressed as nurses and regularly wiping the floor with towels between eviscerations. The evening is divided 
into three acts...  

These Seven Sicknesses
By Deirdre Donovan. A CurtainUp Review
...The original setting is updated to a modern hospital emergency room, and the chorus is represented by a cadre of six nurses outfitted in clinical white uniforms. This extraordinary work leaps effortlessly over the hurdles that have hobbled other Sophocles productions. While it may not have a traditional Greek drama presentation'depth but this is not minor league stuff. It’s squarely grounded in its Sophoclean drama and can bring you to the core of human suffering...
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