The Rocky Horror Show
Hangar Theatre, Ithaca, NY
Book, Music, and Lyrics by Richard O'Brien
Directed by Devanand Janki, Music Director Mark Fifer
Costumes Rob Bevenger , Lights Thom Weaver,  
Projections John Jalandoni,Sounds Don Tindall, 
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Julia Noulin-Merat has designed 
and built a shrouded castle replete 
with spiral staircase, bone-white 
column work, and the kind of 
construction beams that suggest a 
castle under construction, or 
perhaps under destruction. All is 
shrouded and cloaked until the 
cast takes the stage, dusts 
everything off, and gets the party 
started... The best two things that 
can be said for the show is that it 
both honors its roots as 70's glam-
rock camp and also allows every 
single one of the principals to find 
their own way of expressing their 
characters...  For instance, there is 
a dusty old buckboard onstage 
buried under all the tarps and 
trappings, and sharp-eyed viewers 
will notice that movie posters have 
been lacquered onto the floor. 
Movies that get shout-outs in the 
songs, like "King Kong." John 
Jalandoni has designed images 
that are projected onto the stage 
floor during the show for exposition 
and atmosphere.
Bryan van Campen  
Ithaca Times

This mock Gothic tale that satirizes 
the underpinnings and clichés of 
science fiction and horror tales, 
revolves around the strange 
goings-on “over at the 
Frankenstein Place” ... Additional 
action and voices are added by the 
ten “phantoms” who are guests 
and witnesses to the travesties 
that occur on a single, stone-like 
set designed by Julia Noulin-Merat. 
Scads of tulle and other fineries, 
employed by Rob Bevenger’s 
costume design, perhaps make for 
more fancy visual appeal than 
expected, however, much like the 
show’s signature song, “Time 
Warp”, the excitement, great score, 
and relevancy of this show never 
gets “lost in time and space 
By Tony Curulla