by Amy Freed
directed by Ed Sylvanus Iskandar
lights Daniel B. Chapman , costumes Loren Shaw, Sounds Jeremy S Bloom and Jill BC DuBoff ,
music director David Dabbon, fights Michael Wieser, dramaturg Greg Van Horn
Restoration Comedy
Flea Theater, NYC
Comedy): The Flea Theater's Restoration 
Bess Rowen- Huffington post
Posted: 12/09/2012 12:13 pm

The full commitment to the period or theme 
of a show is so contagious from performers 
to playing space that one can't help but get 
into the spirit of things.
I say the spirit because this production 
seems to me to strike a balance between 
period accuracy and contemporary 
connection, which is something I applaud. 
The actors converse with the audience 
members, some of the costumes are out in 
the lobby, and there is a general sense of 
play with the constructs surrounding a 
theater outing that is a perfect conduit 
between the period style and current 
downtown theater aesthetics. This is visible 
in both the acting style and the design, 
which both have a sense of accessibility 
that lacks the pretension of the more formal 
construct generally seen in "professional 
theater." Distance is replaced with 
familiarity, and the resulting relationship 
with the audience benefits performer, 
audience member, and production alike.

Olivia Jane Smith on Amy Freed’s 
“Restoration Comedy,” presented by The 
Bats at The Flea Theater

...For the wedding scene, he and scenic 
designer Julia Noulin-Merat affect a lovely 
and simple transformation with a 
suspended ring, some hooks and four 
streaming ribbons.

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