Penelope in Ithaca
Hangar Theatre, Ithaca, NY
by Kenny Finkle
Directed by Peter Flynn
Clothes Greg Robbins , Lights Annie Wiegand, 
Sounds Eric Watkins, Music John Simon
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Julia Noulin-Merat's scenic 
design suggests a series of 
steps and levels that bring to 
mind the green, mossy stone 
paths that ring most of our 
waterfalls and gorges, and 
when three of the characters 
find themselves exploring 
Ithaca Falls, you can almost 
smell the salt water and feel 
the sticky summer humidity, 
aided by Eric Watkin's 
free-flowing sound design.
Bryan VanCampen
Ithaca times

The setting (by Julia 
Noulin-Merat with lighting by 
Annie Wiegand), a vine 
covered craggy backdrop with 
a fabulous waterfall (sound 
design by Eric Watkins), 
represents Ithaca's gorges, 
where the lovers first meet. 
But these gorges are mythic, 
more mysterious and interior, 
evoking ruined Cambodian 
Barbara Adams
ithaca journal