Loose, Wet, Perforated
Guerilla Opera, Boston
by Nicholas Vines
directed by Jeremy Bloom
clothes Adrienne Carlile, lights Chris Brusberg
world premiere
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This feisty little company, performing 
out of the tiny Zack Box theater at 
adventurous. They do world premieres 
with upper-echelon musicians, good 
singers, and intriguing composers.
Julia Noulin-Mérat's set is one of the 
most attractive Guerilla Opera has 
come up with. The floor and side 
walls are covered with wooden 
panels. The back wall has a wide 
opening through which you can see 
the orchestra. On the stage is a set of 
wooden crates, which the characters 
keep moving around to create steps or 
paths or pedestals.
Guerilla Opera's Loose, Wet, Perforated
By LLOYD SCHWARTZ  |  September 20, 2011

Four instrumentalists complete the 
musical team: all very fine with a 
standout in percussionist Mike 
Williams. His playing was evocative 
and full of character, an effect aided 
by designer Julia Noulin-Mérat’s set, 
which opened up in the back to 
reveal the instrumentalists. Director 
Jeremy Bloom caught the mood and 
brought the right sense of both dire 
medieval times and twenty-first 
century wit.
New Opera At Boston Conservatory
By Arthur Smith
Monday, November 14, 2011